O U R  C O P A N Y



GUANGDONG JINBAILING AUDIO MATERIAL COMPANY LTD., founded in 1993 and located in the foreign and private investing area by the side of no.325 national highway in Enping City,Guangdong,China, is a middle-sizedprivate-own enterprise with an area of 10000m2,on which there are well-equiped workshops and office buildings with the world advanced equipentand the instrument of various kinds,further more it has got a well organizedparties of professional researchers and skilled technical workers.


Since the foundation in 1993,the company has been developed into fivesections in production,such as audio lab,technical design section,casting,printing and package,with which the world famous audio products----professional microphones and amplifiers and mixers etc.have been produced and sold to the natioal(national) markets and other countries all over the world.


Owing to the well-oragnized(organized) administration and specialized technitians,the company has always been providing high-quality mike products to customers,which become very popular products in audio field and the GLOARIK brand become a famous brand inside and outside China.